Landscape Photography by Timothy Mayer Artworks

My Wisconsin landscape photography comes from my 30+ years of photographic journeys around the State. When I decided to start my photography business one of my focus points was on Wisconsin landscapes. Over my many years of serving our military veterans through a non-profit organization (Artists for the Humanities, Inc.) that I created and operate, I have traveled all over the State on Wisconsin where I photographed many of its most scenic areas. You will find photographs of all sections of the State and all seasons of the year. I may be biased, but Wisconsin is clearly one of the most photogenic states in the U.S. and I believe I have captured some outstanding images of it.

Purchase Landscape Photos

I specialize in the sale of Wisconsin landscape photography, beautiful Wisconsin landscape photography for office decor, rural photography, and more. These beautiful landscape photos are available for purchase and will no doubt be a great addition to your home art, office wall decor, or wherever you would like to place your photos.